Dauda Awwal Books


by DAUDA AWWAL ,Author

This book discusses the art of Big Data and related technologies using by a few multinational companies and software they use such as Hadoop, Hive with collective intelligence to grow their business. The book also focuses on the phases of the value chain of big data generation, data analysis and data storage. Many businesses have been digitalised by different innovations of technologies. Online Retailers could track what customers bought, what they looked at during window shopping, and how they
navigate the products through the websites of the retailers.

The use of Big Data has the potential to transform traditional businesses by offering them the competitive advantage of online shopping. The concept of Big Data, its challenges, and how its analytics strengthen market competition and open business opportunities for many organisations including Governments with modern software for quality big data
analytics. Data Analysis is helpful to forecast the progress of the business in future.
Characteristics of big data can be categorised into three: velocity, volume and variety. An information system is a method that comprises a set of components created to collect, store, process and distribute information by using software, and hardware systems. The computer age has introduced a new element of the transaction such as the Transaction Process System (TPS) for business information; the Universities recognise this as an information system that deals with a new way of collecting information, using the Knowledge Management System (KMS). Big Data storage is
known as an emergency of Big Data with modern-day technologies.
A broader definition of Big Data is similar but many writers defined it in different ways. How software engineers are supporting the business activities of the organisations. Big Data help organisations and individuals to make the right decisions at the right time. Data can be monetised to boost the revenue of the business and secure the information of the organisation in the right place.