Dauda Awwal Books


by DAUDA AWWAL ,Author

This book (Principles of Management and Leadership) identifies and describes the most important areas that related to the concept of leadership and management with integrated approaches and important roles a senior manager must play for the improvement of the organization such as the importance of management, its characteristics, different leadership styles, motivation, empowerment of employees, assessment of performance and appraisal, challenges, how leadership analyses strengthening market competition and open business opportunities for many organizations with modern software for the quality management.

This book provides insightful information for a group of management trainees recruited to business organisations and also indicates important approaches to management and leadership.
It provides information on the theory of challenges facing various leaders and managers, outlines how to manage and overcome those challenges at the workplace, effective managers and ineffective managers have a great impact on the business management with samples. Critical thinking is required and helpful to management and leadership. The concepts of leadership styles including empowerment, performances, strategies and effect of the organisationís improvement which links to their improvement which associate with other competitors in the same digital services.
This book also primarily focused on the concept broader definition of leadership and management with its strategic ways that supporting the business activities of the organization.

The value chain of management and leadership and differences in the business sector, many businesses have been digitalized by different innovation of technologies.

Online retailers could track what customers bought, what they looked at window shopping, how they navigate the product through the websites of the retailers and the importance of Human Resource Management of the organisation.